European government bonds as yield boosters

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Approximately 3.5% target return per year


Pay worldwide for free


As special assets, safer than any bank account

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Invest safely and securely with FlexPlus.

Profitable Investment

Secure an annual target return of about 3.5% on your invested money.

Low-Risk Investment

Invest 100% in European government bonds, which are comparatively low-risk.

Worldwide Free Payments

With the UnitPlus Mastercard, you can pay worldwide without fees with the FlexPlus portfolio.

High Investment Protection

Your money at UnitPlus is safer than on any bank account, since it counts as special assets.

This is how simple FlexPlus works

With FlexPlus, there is no duration or minimum investment amount you have to adhere to. You can also deposit and withdraw your money at any time.


You like to invest your money optimally in this interest rate environment


Invest in low-risk European government bonds


Receive interest & participate in the performance of the ETFs*.


Pay worldwide for free with your FlexPlus portfolio

*In addition to the dividends received (called coupons in the case of government bonds), you participate in the price development of the ETFs themselves. This can be positive or negative. Risk note: Investing involves risks and can lead to a total loss of the capital invested. A positive return is not guaranteed, and a historical return is no guarantee for the future.

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Use the power of government bonds for your financial success

FlexPlus combines the yield of low volatility government bonds with worldwide free payment options. This allows you to invest your money in a broadly diversified manner, optimize your wealth in the current interest rate environment, and remain flexible:

1-year yield
Country weights
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Do you still have questions? We have the answers:

What are the advantages of FlexPlus?

There are many advantages to why FlexPlus is a very attractive alternative to overnight deposit accounts. We have listed the most important ones here:

– With government bonds, you currently earn an annual return that is higher than the interest rates on overnight deposit accounts
– Investing in European government bonds is comparatively low-risk
– Money is invested directly in the capital market, while banks still want to make a profit
– Through UnitPlus you have the flexibility to make free payments worldwide with the FlexPlus portfolio
– You can invest in another portfolio for free at any time in the UnitPlus app if you want to

How does the return on the FlexPlus portfolio come about?

The FlexPlus portfolio contains three different ETFs, all of which invest exclusively in bonds issued by European governments with very good credit ratings. The yield on these government bonds depends on market conditions and the interest rate environment. Currently, the yearly yield on these short-term government bonds is well above 3%.

Can I lose money with FlexPlus?

Yes, this is possible. Because FlexPlus does not park the money in banks but actively invests it in the capital market, there is a risk of loss. Even though European government bonds are considered particularly low-risk, the risk can be significantly reduced but not completely eliminated. From a regulatory point of view, the invested money is regarded as a special asset, so it is protected under all circumstances against insolvency by our partner bank or UnitPlus.

Find out what makes FlexPlus so attractive.

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Risk Warning: Investing involves risks and can lead to the total loss of the capital invested. A positive return is not guaranteed and historical performance is no guarantee for the future.