Goodbye overnight deposit accounts.

Hello CashPlus.


3.73% interest per year


Without expiration period


Profit daily from rising interest rates


Pay free of charge worldwide


100% security as special assets

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Higher interest rate than the average current account


Higher interest rate than the average overnight deposit account

0 mil.

bank cards are beaten by CashPlus in terms of interest

What the plus stands for in CashPlus

Above average
interest rates


You participate in the short-term Euro interest rate. Currently this rate is 3.73%

Stability for
your investment


There is no risk of value loss due to capital market fluctuations.

free payment


Pay as easily and conveniently as you normally would. Only with higher interest rates.



You do not have to adhere to any term or minimum investment amount.

Because you have nothing to give away – the interest rate of CashPlus:


(2. August 2023)

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under 10 minutes

Start investing in under 10 minutes



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There is no minimum investment or maturity limit with CashPlus and interest is paid daily. It’s as simple as this:


You invest in a portfolio that pays the interest rate of the Euro short-term rate


The daily determination of this interest rate is done by the European Central Bank


If the central bank increases the interest rate in the future, the interest rate of CashPlus will also increase


You can enjoy above-average interest rates and pay flexibly with your money at any time


As with all UnitPlus portfolios, with CashPlus your money is yours at all times and enjoys special rights in full as special assets. In addition to the statutory deposit insurance, your money is protected in the event of the insolvency of UnitPlus or our partner bank.

Another benefit: CashPlus always brings you more return than it costs

CashPlus’ annual interest is currently 3.73%, while the total cost of the portfolio and UnitPlus is 0.6% (incl. external costs for portfolio construction). CashPlus therefore not only finances itself, but also generates more profit every day.

Portfolio value

Income after costs

per month
€ 1,000
Our cost structure:
0 €
fixed fees
of the investment amount
per year
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With CashPlus you earn even with each payment

With the UnitPlus bank card, not only does the revolution of overnight money 2.0. comes into your wallet, but you even earn 0.10% on every payment. So you increase your interest income even when you pay.

You still have questions? We have the answers:

How much return can I expect with CashPlus?

How can CashPlus pay such high interest rates?

Can I lose money?

This makes CashPlus the better overnight deposit account

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Investing involves risks and can lead to a total loss of the capital invested. A positive return is not guaranteed, and a historical return is no guarantee for the future.

Find out what our investors like about us:

Christian Rebernik
Serial entrepreneur

Money in the checking account loses value. UnitPlus changes that. Money is invested but available with the debit card. I invested because there is a great team behind it and I use UnitPlus myself.

Brigitte Zypries
Former federal minister

From the very beginning, I was convinced that UnitPlus gives everyone in Germany the opportunity to invest with a focus on returns and still remain flexible.

Martin Zielke
Former CEO Commerzbank AG

As a former banker, I know how valuable savings deposits can be for banks. However, the banks only pass on the resulting returns to savers to a very limited extent. UnitPlus is turning this way of thinking around and wants to encourage more savers to invest smartly and flexibly with its globally innovative product.