CashPlus SME is the tool for the cash management of the future

With CashPlus SME, you invest corporate capital as profitably and securely as the world’s largest companies. But without large financial contributions and at a fraction of the cost.

CashPlus SME is the modern alternative to daily and fixed deposit accounts for companies.

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CashPlus KMU

Daily and Fixed Deposit


3.77%* capital return p.a. before costs, automatically adjusts to the interest rate environment and optimizes it continuously

For optimal use of the compound interest effect daily on working days

Base interest rate of approx. 1.0% p.a., partly time-limited higher new customer offers

Interest credit usually monthly or quarterly


Investment in a money market fund from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, which invests capital risk-free in short-term bonds in its own special fund

Deposits with a bank are unsecured liabilities and are protected by statutory deposit insurance up to 100,000€ in the event of a bank insolvency


Unlimited duration

Often interest rate guarantee for only a few months, then lower base interest rate


No minimum or maximum deposits

Often limits such as 250,000€ 


Protected as special assets in any amount

The Goldman Sachs money market fund has not recorded any loss of a single bond since its inception in August 1999

Statutory deposit insurance up to 100,000€

Bank insolvencies occur regularly

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Während bisher nur große Konzerne einen Zugang zum Geldmarkt über eine internationale Investmentbank bekommen haben, ermöglicht CashPlus KMU die gleichen Vorteile, aber ohne eine umfangreiche Finanzabteilung und Know-How im Unternehmen zu benötigen. Das spart Zeit und finanzielle Ressourcen.

Dabei amortisiert sich CashPlus KMU ab dem ersten Tag nach der Registrierung und hilft dabei, die kurz- und langfristigen Kapitalpolster für den nachhaltigen Firmenerfolg zu stärken und das durch jedes Zinsumfeld hindurch.

Invest corporate capital as profitably and securely as the world’s largest companies now.

But without large financial departments and for a fraction of the cost.

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