Thanks to its simplicity, security and profitability, CashPlus SME is ideal for various types of businesses.

For established medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies play a crucial role in the growth and prosperity of Germany. They create jobs, train young people, and shape Germany’s economic competitiveness.

To ensure that the medium-sized sector does not lose competitiveness in the future, sustainable and profitability-oriented liquidity management is important. That’s why we have developed CashPlus SME:


Invest company liquidity in the money market with a focus on returns, aiming to achieve an average yield that is 3 percentage points above the interest rate on overnight deposits and 1 percentage point above the interest rate on fixed deposits.


Maintain full access to liquidity at all times, enabling both short-term parking and long-term investment of corporate capital, while staying flexible for operational activities.


The safe custody of the company’s liquidity in the corporate custody account ensures maximum security. In parallel, the active management of liquidity on the money market generates maximum profitability.

As a former Minister of Economic Affairs, I am aware of the importance of SMEs for our economy. CashPlus KMU helps companies to increase their profitability and thus strengthens their competitiveness.”

Brigitte Zypries, Bundesministerin a.D.


For startups

In the first few years in particular, the focus of entrepreneurial activities is on establishing business activities and rapid growth.

The effective management of surplus liquidity helps to strengthen the capital cushion, which in turn can be used to better expand operational activities. CashPlus KMU provides the right toolbox for this:


Do it like the big blue chip companies and invest corporate capital in one of the most profitable and largest money market funds in the world operated by our partner Goldman Sachs


Fast and simple registration that does not tie up corporate resources, so that you can concentrate fully on the existing business and allocate the income from the unused liquidity to the operational business areas in a targeted manner


Safe custody of company liquidity in your own company custody account, which is protected as a special asset against bank insolvency, so that an insolvency like Silicon Valley Bank does not have to rob you of your sleep


Having used UnitPlus extensively in my private life, I am delighted that CashPlus KMU is now also revolutionising liquidity management for companies.”

Jonas Rieke, COO Personio

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